Restorative Care

Filling materials to address cavities

We offer different material options with the specific intent to provide the most optimal material for the patient with the longest lifespan and least post-operative symptoms. All of our restorative work includes desensitization during the filling replacement and after the filling has been placed if necessary.

Esthetic Bonding

Using composite resin, matched to the colour of the teeth, a plastic chair-side veneer is built for the patient. It can be used to close spaces between the teeth, or lengthen teeth, remove small chips and fractures of the teeth.

Crowns and Veneers

Crowns are designed to protect the health of remaining tooth structure and prevent it from further breakage or damage. Veneers are recommended when a patient would like a long term aesthetic solution for teeth that have minimal structural damage or are discoloured or when bonding is not preferred.

Example of ZIRCONIA Maryland Bridge.

Root Canal Treatment

We complete many of our root canal treatment’s in office, and are able to help in an emergency to get a patient out of dental pain. In some cases, specialists are required to complete root canal treatment if symptoms or dental anatomy are unusual or exceptional.

Removable Dentures

Many cases, tooth loss is an unfortunate outcome. Removable partial dentures: such as a Valplast can be made to replace teeth. We can help create individual dentures to allow the patient to function with a missing tooth.


Extractions are the removal of teeth, when infected or damaged beyond repair. Many tooth removals can be done in our office, however, complex cases are often referred to the oral surgeon specialists with whom we work closely.


Crowding and shifting of teeth can occur with young teens as well as adults later in life. Invisalign offers a great esthetic and convenient solution to straightening teeth.

Dr. Erin Shave

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