Preventative Care

Whether young or old, dental complications can arise with dietary changes, medication additions, or chronic health conditions.

We work hard to educate our patient’s and help the patient prevent cavities and damage to the teeth with oral hygiene instruction, product recommendations and regular office visits.


Sealants are preventative resins, generally placed in children’s teeth to reduce decay in grooves of teeth. The product we use to fill grooves is free of Bisphonl A, Bis - GMA, no BPA derivatives, and releases fluoride.

Silver diamine fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride arrests the progress of an already formed cavity in permanent or primary teeth. It is painted on the localized areas once the teeth are dry.

Clinical Situations

  • Alternative to restorative treatment
  • Around margins of lesions to prevent secondary decay
  • Avoid general anesthesia or oral sedation
  • Behavioral or medical management
  • Carious lesions that cannot be treated in 1 visit
  • Difficult access to dental care
  • Difficult to treat dental carious lesions
  • High risk caries
  • Liner

It can delay some dental restorative procedures in children, and high risk, medically compromised adults.

We also recommend products, which help to reduce caries risk, in patients highly susceptible to cavities.

Products containing XYLITOL (tooth paste and rinses) as well as high-fluoridated tooth pastes help with future prevention. If dry mouth is a concern relating to medications or surgical complications, we discuss products, which can help with dry mouth.

We take time to discuss the importance of preventative dental care in all of our patients.

Dr. Erin Shave

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